Our Work

“We argue that a question is meaningful if what we do or feel is changed by the answer”

Richard Levins and Richard Lewontin, On Human Nature in The Dialectical Biologist.

Animal behavior is radical because it lives so close to the center of us. Understanding how other animals live their lives shows us the forces that shape what we do and who we can be. We see ourselves reflected in how animals behave and in how we think about animals behaving. Animal behavior is about action, connection, and context—all of the most complex things. In the F.L.A.I.R. Lab, we seek to understand the lives of animals using field-based observations and measurement of animal behavior, ecology, and morphology, statistical modeling, and close interdisciplinary engagement with ideas from evolutionary theory, queer and feminist science and technology studies, political ecology, philosophy and more.

The specifics of our work are currently in formation and flux; stay tuned!